Thursday, February 08, 2007


Hiraeth is the Welsh word for a deep seated longing for your homeland. That is about the closest I can think to explain it. Anyway I challenged my daughter to plan to go "back home" with me in three years. As I put it, that's only 156 weeks to save. Or 78 pay my case 156 pay days; I get paid every week.
She can celebrate being 39 and I don't mind putting off being 60 for another 3 years..... really!
I took a trip with my mother around that age and we had a wonderful time. I only wish she and I could go again.
So last night I opened another savings account through my online banking and deposited some money to get started. This is going to be my travel account. The other one is my retirement account.
I would like to go some where nice and warm with Carl now. It would be good for both of us just to lay in the sun and bake our bones. Some nice bright sunshine after these dull days.
It has been so freaking cold these days. I can't stand much more of winter. I didn't bother to check the "ground hog announcement" the little buggar lies every year anyway!
O.K. break is over I have to get back to work.

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FeyRhi said...

You are so on!!!! Just the thought of going back make me want to cry (in a good way).