Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Good Life...sweet

Ok this is my now my new ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE!. As soon as I heard the critics hated this movie I knew it would be a winner. Russell Crowe ( easy on the eyes) is an endearing "Shark" of a Stock Broker adored by his "lab rats". Tolerated by his personal assistant (who knows his weaknesses) and haunted by childhood memories of idyllic days... Oh and did I mention filthy rich!! What a combo. You love him but want to see him brought down a peg. This movie was wonderful. The scenery was just beautiful. I can't recommend it strongly enough. A great "date" movie. I will watch it over and over again. The funny parts are hilarious and the romantic bits make you sigh......Now I have to read the book! The story is by Peter Mayle( an Englishman, who lives in Provance) who wrote, duh, A Year in Provance, another one of my fave "mini series". Reviews on this movie are either like mine or they hate it. This is about as far from the Gladiator that you can get. If you just happen to like wine and the vineyards in the south of France (chuck the rest of the country) this is the movie for you. Obviously the writer knows the countryside and the people. I can't say enough so I should just shut up and let you go watch the movie!

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