Monday, March 05, 2007

When is a crime a crime?

How do we determine what is a crime? Oh, murder is a big crime we say. What? the value was under $3000 .....oh that's not so bad a crime.
What the hell is the problem with this country? We have to justify, pigeon hole and classify till I could scream.
I walked into my office this snowy and sunny Monday morning, the feng shui place... remember?.. To find the filing cabinet ripped apart, the lap top and petty cash ( which was not so petty), GONE , my desk was riffled, cheques were stolen. If only my little Blodeuwedd could speak! she was sitting on her red silk bag next to my plant, for the weekend. (She usually sits on the corner of my laptop and keeps me company during the day). Even my macho kindhearted boss looked at me and said,"I feel violated." I understand exactly what he means.
They even took the bit of change I had in my pen drawer. One of the service helpers gave me a Toonie I guess I must have looked pretty upset.
The man I work for is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure to know. If someone approached him and honestly said I need help I am that sure he would do it. But to rip him off hurt me as much as it hurt him.
I am so upset.
Now to the practical side. Carl work all last night and didn't get home until 7:15 AM . Fifteen minutes after the official " OMG he is in a ditch!" time. I was reaching for the phone when he walked in the door. I was so relieved to see him we hardly had time for a hug hello and a kiss good bye and I was out the door. I phoned him from the office while we were waiting for the police to say I had left the "jump drive" ( with all 5000 customer records, from the Friday back up) ( THANK GOD) on my dresser. He got dressed and came to the office to offer support to his cousin ( my boss) and to hug me. Gord sent us out computer shopping. We bought a new laptop with the company credit card......which I have to say Future Shop did not even look at the signature or ask me for confirmation on the sale.. I mean do I look like "Gordon"... on second thought don't answer that!
Of course it comes with the new Vista windows...duh.. Carl has at least been using that for a couple of weeks, no word, no excel, no software programs, it doesn't recognize the printer. I was almost in tears with customers today saying I can't confirm anything and can I get back to them this week when we are up and running. Everyone NO MATTER how important they thought their problem was was kind and understanding, For that I give my heartfelt appreciation.
My Internet book marks are gone. My passwords have to be changed for everything... you have no idea how upsetting this is.
In the grand scheme of things......this is a embarrassment

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