Monday, November 27, 2006

Panic is setting in!

Time is running out and I am so close. As of this morning I am over 35,000 words but I am getting worried that I won't make it. I really want to do this. Tomorrow is my day off and I should be able to get a lot done providing my story goes somewhere. I feel like it is beginning to bog down. I wonder if this is normal or is it the pressure of having to be done in 3 days?


FeyRhi said...

Bog schmog. Just kill soemone off. LOL That was my trick last year. When in doubt and you need more words kill someone off. Just think of what would happen to all your characters if one of them was killed by a random accident. The more bazarre the better. You can always delete the scene and rewrite it next month. OR you can introduct a new character, lost lost evil twin or somthign liek that?

Myfanwy said...

lolol that is funny. I have so many twists going on now It will take another 50,000 words to sort them all out. I figure I could stop and describe everone in detail that should be good for some extra words.lolol