Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Aching Back!

My brain is suffering from word overload and my back is killing me while I type. I either need a more comfy chair or maybe I will turn the screen so I can sit on the loveseat and type with my feet up. I am begining to think I am going to run out of words. I have never written this much in my life. I never did buy any chocolate I found a left over squashed Halloween mini candy bar and ate that. It was good for about a thousand words. I don't think I want 30 more candy bars.
The picture is of a fountain that was uncovered in Pompeii. A Similar fountain is in my story....oops i mean "Novel". The rich certainly lived in luxury. Ok I need to take a break. My goal is to get 5000 words done today. The month is half over already. I am going to take a break and go watch an episode of "Dexter". If you haven't seen it he is a profiler and a serial murderer. It is different! It is on Rogers Demand.

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