Friday, November 03, 2006

I am feeling a little pleased with myself!

I admit to feeling a little smug. Yes, I know, "Pride goeth before a fall." My germ of an idea is beginning to grow and I am amazed how the words are running out of my fingertips. Tomorrow I really want to get a lot written in the morning while it is quiet and I am fresh. The shower is a really wonderful place to think. It must be all that water pulsing on the brain. I actually solved a storyline problem I had. I should write it down before I forget. I am going to backup this "novel" and use the term loosley, for fear something will happen and I will loose all the drivel I have written so far. No wouldn't that be a killer?
I am going to get my nails done before I go to work. My budjet will allow for that one little extra other than that I am broke until next payday. all my obligations are covered but that 52 hours hurt worse than the
My spirit doll is progressing along very nicely. I am almost finished the beading and will start on the construction next week. The image at the top is a hint what I am going to tackle next. More to follow. I have to check the class schedule, I know I have 2 in one class tonite I hope that's the only class I have today. ttfn

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FeyRhi said...

That looks like a green man, I bet it will look amazing done in beads. Reminds me, One day I will have to get my greenman finished.