Monday, November 06, 2006

Have I done it again?

I get an idea and away I go without thinking it through completely. My gal bladder put a cog in the gears so to speak . But then again I knew I had that when I started. Of course I am talking about my university courses. I realize now I should have signed up for just one at a time. I didn't realize there would be so much work to do. So I think I am just going to work on one at a time and I can get an extension for the other one. Just making that decision has given me some relief. Now I am in the middle of Nanowrimo. Oh, geeze why do I do these things. I am enjoying it though. I will put my energies into getting the English credit and then reward myself with the archaeology course.
With that thought I have put my english books aside to take to work this morning. I am going to start taking my full half an hour breaks. I usually take 10-15 minutes and then go back to work. Well, that 30 minutes is mine and I could better use the time reading. I will keep this up and keeping a journal is something I am required to do and anyway I like the venting process. It is always easier to think when you put the words down in front of you. It unclutters the mind.

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