Monday, November 06, 2006

Beta Blogger

I switched to the Beta version (blue) but when I "view blog" I see the other (pink) blog. I don't get this at all. Can you let me know which blog you see? I am hoping when I republish this now everything will be OK. The Beta version is much better when you want to upload anything from pictures to html right onto your blog. I am waiting to see how much better it works after that.
Of to work now. I am going to Nano after work before I am on here again. See ya


FeyRhi said...

I see Blue. I saw that stuff about the Beta version. Let me know if it's worth it. I am used to the regular version. I've put many hours work into the stuff I hav on mine and way I have it set up I'd hate to blow it all by switching

Myfanwy said...

It was a shock when the Beta version opened up and all my stuff was gone. But, it was very easy to load again much easier than the first time. I'll wait and let you know how it works. I see blue now too. *smile*

Pam said...

I see Blue.

London, ON, you're not that far from me.
I have enjoyed reading your blog & will visit again.

FeyRhi said...

See I told you! "If you write it...They will come"

Look *points upwards* She's not related, Congrats on your first official 'drop by'