Sunday, October 29, 2006

A visit with Mommy

Yesterday I went to visit my 81 yr old mother. Everytime I walk into that house I expect to see my father at the kitchen table reading a book. Sigh, somethings in life we just never get over. He died in 1994 and I miss him everyday. The house is so quiet with him gone.
I had taken some quilting fabric, I am downsizing, for the I.O.D.E. sale. For the uneducated *G*
that would be the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. For those of us who went to school in Canada you may remember literary awards being given out at your school. Well, the IODE were the ladies that provided those awards and bursaries. My mother is still active in that group and with osteoporosis and rhumatoid arthritis she still manages to be an active member.
I took her car out for a drive and we went to a little restaurant along Lake Erie for lunch. It was good to see her it has been months since I have felt up to going anywhere.
The clocks went back last night and I was glad of the extra hour's rest. That visit tired me right out.
I had better get a move on I have to pick up a part timer to work with me this morning.

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