Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Okay, Okay

I know, I no sooner start to complain I can't get something on here and "pouff" it appears . There must be a delay. Next time I will log out and then log in before I start to complain.
I am in the "throes of a dilemma," I have searched for a pattern for a knitted edging and I can not find it. The urgency is compounded by the fact that I am three quarters away around a lace knitted throw and now can't finish it. Last night I even went so far as to unknit a portion, writing down every stitch, in the hope I could decipher the pattern. Didn't work. Pout. I am posting a picture of the work in progress. No one reads this other than my daughter and me but I thought ,"Hey, if there is a chance?" Maybe the knitting faeries will send someone to read this. I found one similar but not close enough. In true Elizabeth Zimmerman style I am knitting it to the body of the work as I go along. We are having a dandy of a thunderstorm ( read the Shih Tzu is terrified), Mother Nature is beautiful in her fury.
I am on the countdown for peppermint tea bags. Question is how much of this stuff will I drink after my surgery? Yesterday, while enjoying my girlfriend's company, I quaffed back a couple of mugs of ginger tea. MM very nice, I think I shall pick some up today.
Today I am going on a rescue mission. My granddaughter has lost her "Pokemon" cards. This is a crisis and she is stressing, not a good thing, so Grami will help out by sending her a package in the mail. I have to pick up some black perle cotton as well.
I had to write that down right now or it would leak out of my brain the next time I went to remember something. Here is a semantic question. I didn't write it down. Did I type it? This is not a typewriter. Ah, I guess I keyboarded it. Sounds awkward, doesn't it? I ramble on and on...

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