Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One sleep to NaNo!

Well, this is it. One more sleep and the Nanowritmo starts. I think I have about 50 words in my head right now and once I get them into the computer I am going to be totally in a panic. This is really going to be writing off the cuff. Then I am terrified I might loose everything and then it would have been for nothing. Oh wail, moan and gnash of teeth!What a suck I can be.
I am soooooooo glad I have the day off today. I am pooped. I am not bouncing back from my surgery like I expected. It calls to mind my mother making statements like, " I am getting to old for this..etc." No, I can't be there yet. My brain is umm maybe 30 tops.
I will not "go quietly into this good night". Now, who said that? Hmmm, maybe Shakespeare, I am going to have to look that up.
Today I have to run (?duh) over to Wallymart and pick up some candy for the little ones. I was in there the other day and the lineup was horrendous. I was about to go and look for candy when a line opened up and I jumped in. I was in there buying a set of sheets. Oh joy oh rapture, these sheets are mico fibre fleece. Move over flannelette you have been replaced. They are so soft and fuffy but light. I heard about them while visiting with my mother on Saturday so I went to check them out. Wal Mart has the set with the fleecy pillowcases and Zellers has the set with cotton pillowcases and a satin binding on the sheets. I figured the satin only gets ratty anyway so I went with the fleece in total.....midnight blue... very nice. I slept so well last night. My feet never got cold!
I feel the urge to buy some yarn. I am going to conquere this addiction!! *G* I just have to remind myself that I have 52 hours coming on this 2 week paycheque and that should sober me up. Ah well this too shall pass. If I am doing Nano I won't have anytime to knit. I still have eyelash yarn I can knit into more mobius scarves. I am getting so tired of knitting that stuff. I will be glad when it is gone. Ok I guess this is it for today. I am going to open a file in word and get it all ready for tomorrow. I still have to figure out how to get a word counter on here.

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FeyRhi said...

Okay! okay! okay!

When you are on my blog click on one of the counters. It will take you to the web page. Fill in teh information pick what colour you want and it will write up the entire formula. Then just copy' and 'paste' on to your blog side bar where you put the pictures.

New the beginning of the long list of gobbledegook right after it says "cellpadding=0" you will see "< tr >< td>" then the image stuff. Type the name of your counter between the 'tr' and 'td'.

That should do the trick for you.

Oh and I called granny the other day to fill her in on everything. We gabbed for 2 hours, so I think she is caught up from my end. i need Uncle P's and Aunt D's addy so I can send them pictures of the costume.