Monday, October 23, 2006

Snow, rain, sleet, clouds!

What a dull shitty crappy day. I needed to see some colour.
This is Knitting in the Andes and I scanned it from an advert in my knitting magazine. I just want to run out and buy some Manos del Uraguay wool...drool slurp.
Oh big sigh, can't buy any yarn until next month. In the meantime I am knitting out of my stash.
I am exhausted. This working full time is the pits. I am still tired from my "experience" and I am not up to 100% yet.
I have accomplished more in the last 2 full days at work than anybody else there and yet I don't get paid the big bucks. Ain't life the pits. One of these days I am going to tackle her about my salary!
Today she called me twice to ask me questions on what to do with certain things about the store..well duh... It's your store not mine. Been there done that! and learned a big lesson!!!!
Geeze. I should be charging a consultant fee. She is big on having consultants on a retainer. Me me me next...lololol.
I am going to put my feet up and snuggle with my dear man!

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FeyRhi said...

I love that picture. It's a nice break from such crappy weather!