Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Officially Bored

I am officially bored. I must be better. Tomorrow I am going back to work for at least a couple of hours. Yesterday I found a new hairdresser. This is the fourth one since I moved to London. There is nothing worse than trying to find a hairdresser who can give a decent haircut. I needed a change so I said cut it and colour it!! Poor Carl didn't know what to think when I came in the door. It is good for me and him too..lolol.. I must change my avatar too.
Sandy sent me the yellow yarn so today I want to get that throw finished. The old Neiman Marcus Cookie story is going around the net again. My son sent it to me so I thought what the heck? I will try it out this afternoon. Iris will be so happy to see me back to work I will take her some cookies too. For anyone who is interested go to www.snopes.com to learn about the urban legends that circulate. Click on "food" and you can read all about the cookie story. It started as a cake and has been going around for years and years.
The batteries are dying in my mouse I had better finish this now and buy some batteries today. It is most frustrating.

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