Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last Swim of the season?

Today I am going to see my girlfriend and maybe if the weather clears up we will get in a last swim of the season. She said Ernie turned the pool on last night so the steam should be rolling off the top like a spa by the time I get there.
We were off to the Festival on the weekend. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the parade and the wine tastings. I ended up with another gall bladder attack by the evening, damn. I had taken my pills "just in case" and sure enough I had to take them. Several times. I couldn't keep them down long enough to work. I finalyy knocked myself out with the pain pills. What a disappointment to my much anticipated weekend.
I will be glad to get my surgery on Friday. I just hope they can still do the easy proceedure. I feel like crap right now.
I am participating in a "bead swap". It should be fun. I send my bags to Inuvik, NT and Tracy will send me back 3 bags from someone else. We should do that with yarn but the postage would probably be too steep.
I hear this morning that the government is increasing the old age pension about the cost of a Timmies. Sheesh ..bastards. They waste millions. Harper spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for a photo op with George Bush.Talk about a waste of skin.
Carl is being my "disc jockey" this morning. While I sit here typing he is playing wonderful old stuff on his computer. I love my life.
Talk to you later.


FeyRhi said...

Hey isn't that one of the pictures on the bathroom wall? If it isn'tit would match with the pair. Can I put in dibs for those along with the ring? *G*

I have no idea why I am coming up as Burlington, NF. Maybe there is someone that visit's here from out East?

Love you.

Myfanwy said...

But the picture is by the same artist. I have been searching on the net and I have found other pictures but no record of the two prints I have.
As no one else has expressed an interest yes you can have the pictures one day.
love you too brat. It took me almost 2 hours to get home.