Monday, February 01, 2010

Back to the real world.

Sigh...It was wonderful and now it is not just a memory but a plan to return. We were at the Las Brisas Resort, Huatulco, Mexico, the Pacific side, south of Acapulco.
Click on the pictures for a better view!

The little flower in the centre is a ...gardenia. I almost fell over when I saw it. My first thought was, "wait till I tell Mom." That happened a lot. The flowers were beautiful and I found the huge shrubs, next to the squash courts, covered in gardenia blooms.
This the view of the snorkel beach from the Mexicana Restaurant. We had planned on going snorkeling but had to fore go that plan. I There was no way I could wear next time though.....
I even got Carl into a "Guayabera" a traditional Mexican shirt. This was taken about 6 pm in the evening it was 30C.
He took me to the "Kasbah"...but we weren't impressed with the meal. The atmosphere was wonderful however.
Right hand side of the Manzanilla Beach.
This foot ended up in that ocean. I took this picture the first day. It was a chore but Carl got me down to the waters edge.
Can you see the iguana? there were a couple on the resort and they would appear in the darnedest places.
When I had enough of the saltwater there was the pool. The deep end was 6'8". The pool is higher than the ocean level. That is Tangolunda Bay beyond.
The greatest disadvantage of the resort were the stairs. They do say they are not suitable for anyone with mobility issues. I had 2 good feet when we paid for the holiday.
Another shot of the bay.
View from our room.
Sun rise the last morning.
Waiting for my return.
There are more pictures over on the face book link and a 360 degree video of the beach.

We are planning a 2 week holiday next year. We may try one of the other resorts. Lots of time to decide. The food in the Buffet restaurant was wonderful. The selection was mind boggling. The a la carte restaurants were a little more disappointing. The weather was perfect and I feel rested. My nose is burnt, my foot is much improved and my grief not quite so painful.

Back to work today and I know I will be busy. There will be a mountain of paper on my desk. Carl just left all bundled up in his pork pie hat, leather coat and gloves. Big difference from his Panama jack hat and
I brought home a bag of sand, some shells and coral from the beach that I am going to put in a jar on my desk I want to savour this holiday for a while yet.


Knitman said...

It looks quite delightful. One thing I like about going away is not having to make any meals. Oh and not having to deal with the dogs or housework. I am waited on when away and I like that.

Happyone :-) said...

Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time in spite of your foot! Beautiful photos and so glad you enjoyed yourselves.