Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Women who came before......

Paul came across this picture while compiling photos for the DVD in honour of our Mom.
The young girl in the front, Mary Ann, would be my Great Aunt. The woman behind her is my Great Grand mother, Hannah, on the right my Great Great Grandmother, Sarah and on the left, my Great x3 Grandmother Catherine.
The only one with a hint of a smile is Granny Jones. She was obviously a widow hence the black ensemble.

The other two women are pretty stern. It must have been impossible to relax strapped into those corsets. Sarah, on the right, was a miserable woman who decided my grand mother , also named Sarah was going to come and live with her. There was no discussion. Pack your bag you are going and that's all there was to it. My grandmother was still in school at the time. Her grandmother was a tyrant. Mam had no social life and everyone was surprised when the tall quiet town "Bobby" began to "walk her out." My Grand mother was 5 years older than my Grandfather. This is their wedding picture: I see my mother in her face. Mam had a stroke and passed away 4 months after my mother's 16Th birthday.

My wonderful quiet grandpa looked the same his whole life. He was the youngest of 4 boys, his three older brothers all became clergymen. Grandpa didn't speak until he was 7 yrs old. He had a speech impediment and a Welsh accent. I never had any trouble understanding him.
This is my Mom. My mother had all these baby gowns and when I was a little girl she cut them all up and made slips for me. Makes me cringe to think of it. But that was my practical Mother. These gowns were all hand made.
This is my Mom at 3 yrs, she looks like her mother. I miss her so much........sigh
Three more sleeps and we are off on the plane to Pacific Mexico. I want to get away so badly.
I am worn out.


Happyone :-) said...

How nice to see the pictures of your family.
Have a wonderful time on your vacation. You certainly deserve it!

Knitman said...

i find these type of pictures fascinating and love period piece son tv. However, it also makes me thankful to have been born when I was and not back then. Life was cruel for most.