Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Science Class 101

Yesterday, all day, I pondered the age old question: "What to have for supper? "Then it hit me. Pie, chips and beans.!! I thought about the flaky pastry, crisp golden chips and the steamy goodness of maple beans...I swoon. My man is Canadian to the core and I knew "Mr. Meat/Potato and Veg wouldn't be thrilled but he would survive.

Carl wasn't going to be home until about 7:30 pm so I calculated when to cook the pies, when to turn the chippy on and when to heat the beans. He was home right on time. The pies came out of the oven, the chips were simmering and the beans were hot. I was almost drowning in saliva and fainting from hunger. I prefer to eat much earlier.

After heating the beans, I turned the heat off the burner on our black cook top a few minutes before I got out the "Corell" dinner plates in preparation for dishing up this wonderful nosh. The pies slipped onto the plates I had put on top of the a fore said cook top. I dished out the beans, the mapley aroma wafted around my head. I was lifting the chips out of the oil when there was an ungodly BANG.
Carl came hurrying up the hall to see me standing frozen in front of the stove. There were chips and beans everywhere and shattered slivers of white glass. Nestled in the middle of this were 2 beautiful "sparkling with shattered glass" meat pies.

Herein lies the science class: Untempered glass will shatter when applied to direct heat. Corell dishes are glass. Cook tops are still hot even when they are no longer glowing red. Give me a gas cooker anytime.

Back to the story: I only wept a little as we threw everything into the rubbish. Corell may not break if you drop it but believe me when it shatters there was glass everywhere even in the hot oil of the chippy. It is a marvel that I wasn't cut as the dinner plate had split into wicked shards of glass. Not only was the cook top covered in glass but it had exploded across the counter top and across the kitchen floor.

About 45 minutes later, after we had vacuumed up glass, dumped the oil, washed counters, rounded up the chips that had flown into the air when the plate exploded and disposed of the remnants of glass and the dinner, I threw together a cesaer salad and thawed and heated up some leftovers from the freezer. Then I had heartburn.

Canada did win a gold medal right before this fiasco so the evening wasn't a total loss.
Tonight it is going to be "take away" I am on strike!


Happyone :-) said...

Oh my goodness! That was some story. What a mess that must have been.
Glad you didn't get hurt.

Abbeysmum said...

So glad you were not hurt.
When I was little I can remember my Mum and her sister spending hours scrubbing all over the kitchen, ceiling too, when a pressure cooker blew up, I think they had forgotten to check on what it was doing. It became a family "remember the time" and would evoke much laughter.

Anonymous said...


I am enjoying your blog and have shared the Toyota ad with many friends. I think the "buggar" suits this entry.
Ron in Mexico