Thursday, February 04, 2010

to abbeysmum

Thank you for the recommendation for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was a great "on the beach book" and I have already thanked someone else for the suggestion....sigh Then I looked back in the comments and found you. I have gone out and purchased the hard back copy of the next one.

Tomorrow is Friday....TGIF....I am emotionally worn out this week. .

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Abbeysmum said...

Hi Susan, so happy you enjoyed the book,I think I will reread it myself as I am spending my time resting a very sore and swollen foot, a stick puncture that has become infected, just tripped on a stick in the garden and am now off work and unable to walk on it, it swells up and throbs if not elevated, so I have ordered some merino yarn from Joy of yarn, at least I can knit. Happy you had a nice holiday and so sorry you are missing your Mum so much. Some people burn prayers to send them to heaven, you could write notes to your Mum and send them wafting off.