Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm baack...

This has been the worse couple of weeks. Minus the escape to Mexico, of course. As wonderful as that break was the reality when we got home was worse than the usual post holiday slump.

I have been on an emotional see saw.

So I had a think and I asked myself, "What would make me feel better?" I grabbed the yellow pages and called up a cleaning service and hired a couple of girls to spring clean the house.

They clean like I knit. I ooo and ahhh over wool and they rejoice in a shiny tap and sparkling grout. This is a match made in heaven.

They will be back every Monday until the whole house is done. They even wash walls and windows! No, I am not giving out their names I am keeping them to myself. When the whole house is done I am going to have them come in every other week to do the big stuff. This is the best gift I have ever given myself. It means I am on a "wool fast" but hey Lent is coming anyway.

Only in Canada would we truck snow to a venue! The Olympics start on Friday and there isn't enough snow in Vancouver. Hello?? Vancouver?? I could have told them that. They should have picked Timmins. Lots of snow in northern Ontario.
I got an email this week from a friend I had lost touch with. I had put a post on Lost Trekkers People Search well over a year ago. Just for the fun of it she googles her name and there was my post. It has been 15 years since we have been in contact! Wow, time does go a lot faster when you are older. It was good to touch base with her and find out what has happened in the intervening years. We have both had a rocky time of it. She made me laugh when she said she kept reading the Best Seller's list looking for my name.
I missed Sandy's birthday in January. Sandy who never forgets my birthday or Christmas AND is always there to encourage me. Mea Culpa.

My concentration has gone south but I am knitting Teddies for Tragedies. I am on my third one now. It is mindless garter stitch for the most part and I am using up left overs from Michael's Vest. I did, however, have to go out and buy some more "bear" colour. That was before my cleaning Diva's. I will be knitting out of the stash for a while, no problem with that.

Mom always said, "If I go in my sleep don't mourn me." She would also tell me to pull myself together and get on with my life. I am really trying but some days it is just too much to ask.


Happyone :-) said...

Glad to hear you found something to cheer yourself up. :-)
I'm one of those crazy people who actually like to clean my house. I would have to clean before the house cleaners came!

Susan said...

I am missing the "clean gene"...;o)

SandyHam said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - I had a good one. Hmm, you may have to do penance by sewing up a project for me! Oh yeah, everything I have started that would require sewing up is in the hibernation mode. NOTHING is better than having a cleaning person - the absolute best thing you could do for yourself - I'm telling you, it's better than a pedicure - not that I have ever had a pedicure!

The Olympics in Timmins? Are you CRAZY? It's too freaking cold there in February - nobody would come! After spending 22 winters there, nothing could ever induce me to go back in the winter!

Chin up, my friend. Watch a funny movie - laughing is the best thing for you right now!Love ya!

Knitman said...

Now that is an idea! I'd love to have someone come over and clean. What an excellent way of treating yourself.