Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's Dominion Day

...That's what we called today when I was a little girl. That was a life time ago. Carl and I were talking about the "100th Anniversary of Confederation" song written by Bobby Gimby in 1967 and I said I remember the kids singing that.
Then I realized the "the kids" weren't my children but my brothers. Yikes now I really feel old.
Today my Baby Boy is Thirty. How did that happen so quickly? It just seems like yesterday when he was this little blond baby you see here.

When he was little he thought the fireworks on Canada Day were for his birthday...he still does.

The park behind us will be filled with hundreds of people today. It is only 8am and the trucks have already started to roll in to set up the trailers. I hope the weather holds. So.....
Happy Birthday Evan! and Happy Canada Day!


Susan said...

To you and yours Mrs C, Happy Canada Day and Happy Birthday Evan!

happyone said...

Our kids sure do grow up fast.
My granddaughter's birthday is tomorrow and she used to think the the fireworks for our Fourth of July were for her! :-