Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Time Team ....my new heros

I am besotted with the Time Team. I discovered the programs on Google video..much better than the television..no commercials. They have been on Channel 4 in the UK for upwards of 16 years. There are at least 172 episodes. I plan on watching as many as I can.
Archaeology is my other passion and this program is great fun to watch. I wish the segments were longer than 50 odd minutes. Great sock knitting videos.

The dearest man is Professor Mike Aston with his multi striped jumpers and distictive white halo of whispy hair. It looks as if he is making Welsh cakes in the picture on the right/middle. During one of the programs I noticed he was wearing one of the jumpers inside out. You could see where the ends of the yarn had been woven in. Archaeology is very much a MAN science and it is a treat to see the intelligent woman on the program holding their own with their peers.
Tony Robinson is the main presenter and he is as hyper as a Jack Russell terrier. That would be himself on the left. As the years pass Tony's hair receeds, get's shorter and greyer. Mick stays the same.

Anyone with an interest in British history will find lovely gems of information in these programs.

Just go into Google Videos and type Time Team then change the "duration" to +20 minutes....enjoy

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Knitman said...

John , being an historian, loves it. i don't. ;-)