Monday, July 20, 2009

Lazy Summer Days...50 years ago

Today is my brother's birthday..that would be him on my right.
Oh hot July days he would ask,"Toots, can we go to the sugar bowl?"
I would make some "peanny bukky" and jam sandwiches, put some over sugared Freshie ( kool aid) in a jar, load my Nancy Drew book, and a couple of towels into the basket on the front of my blue and white Canadian Tire Super Cycle Special and off we would go.
The Sugar Bowl was a bowl shaped park area with a large wading pool in the centre. I would ride the approximate mile standing up while David sat on the seat of my bike his little hands firmly grasping my sides. We never fell over or got hit by a car. Wonder of wonders as I rode on the side of the road down Central Avenue from Bertie Street to the park. We would be gone a couple of hours. No cell phone for our Mother to check up on us, no money for pay phones and no identification if we had got hit by a truck. Pure bliss. Pure Memories.

Happy Birthday Dai Llencyn!


Knitman said...

i note you call it jam too! I never knew what peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were until I learned that 'jelly' was jam and not the cold wobbly stuff we call jelly. Anyway, I LOVE them, with blackcurrant jam preferably. Mind you I can't eat wheat so....oh, I can eat it, but I regret it if I do.

Susan said...

Oh Colin we are kindred
Black currant anything... oh joy oh bliss... Try using rye bread. One of my favourites.