Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Freedom Seventy-Five

We were having a discussion on retirement the other day when this catchy phrase came up. If you are in Canada you will have heard of a program called Freedom Fifty-Five. The theory being that with sound investments (?) and savings you will be in a position to retire at fifty-five. My scenario is more the title. Laugh or weep. It is what it is. I am still aiming for 5 more years of work, (the thought of 12 more years makes me gag) and then I can relax in abject poverty and
Yesterday the world wallowed in excess emotion. They will be petitioning the Pope for Sainthood next. Enough already, It's Elvis all over again, look how well adjusted his child turned out and she had a mother. Those kids don't stand a chance. You Tube has a video of a ghost at the Neverland ranch and himself has already been spotted in Mexico. Will it never end?????


Knitman said...

John has no wish to retire at 65 in 2.5 years time. It looks as though he will work till at least 2017.

Susan said...

John must have a very stimulating job to want to work that much longer. Unfortunately, my position although a very good one does mean that I have to deal with complaints from the general public. I think I probably have about 5 more years of patience in me before I snap.