Sunday, July 19, 2009

That's the way it was....

O.K. I admit it, I have spent an inordinate amount of time gasping at the beauty of the world in High Definition. With channels like "Treasure, Oasis & Equator" I mean, Wow. The novelty will wear off. Be patient. I am busy working on a shawl for my childhood friend Jackie. We are going to Connecticut the end of August to see her and Paul. It has been at least 25 years since we have laid eyes on one another. This is going to be momentous. Yes, there is a wool shop in her town..I checked and I will be going to the grocery store to stock up on kool aid for dyeing. There are much more interesting flavours available in the states that we never see.

Walter Cronkite passed away. If you remember him then you are as old as mud like ...The shooting of JFK, The First Man On The Moon, Apollo 13, Vietnam and Watergate are all moments that are synonymous with the sound of Walter Cronkite's voice and "That is the way it was." A nostalgic moment...sigh

Although we have only had one heat wave this summer we are still busy at work. This has turned out to be a cool summer. I heard the other day "summer" is still going to happen and that we are running a month late. It is either global warming or eternal Canadian optimism. Time will tell.

I am following a project with the greatest interest. Go to The Yarn to see the latest post. What a wonderful story about his grandfather, reminded me of "Ernie," my grandfather. Be sure to click on the "gallery of all the squares."

Carl has to work today. Me thinks I will park myself in front of the TV and knit like a fiend.

I have heard mixed reviews of the new Harry Potter movie. If there is nothing on the TV I may go to the pictures. Carl would sooner gag than go PAY to watch Harry Potter. Some things just have to be seen on the HUGE

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