Thursday, July 02, 2009

Car toys.....

Fine, call it juvenile but I have a lady bug that goes every where I do. The "travelling bug" has been to France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.. Rome (2x), Pisa, Venice(2x), Canada..Calgary Sask., Vancouver BC, Victoria BC, London, On and UK and Cancun, Mexico just to name a few.
In a moment of weakness...Dragon..Red..I bought another one.
Not a good idea. I am getting the "Mumma help" psychic vibe here. I think I have to find a new home for the "draig goch."
Lady bug seems a little frantic.


FeyRhi said...

Move the 'draig goch' to the other side of the steering wheel. (use a little bit of 2 sided tape to keep him in place. Poor little bug.

Anonymous said...

It does look like the bug is being hissed at....self-esteem may be restored by the above-mentioned suggestion.