Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saving Up

I realize that the concept of "saving up" for something is foreign in our present society. We live in times of instant gratification via, debit cards, lines of credit, overdraft protection and the curse of the 21 century, credit cards. I have actually been saving up for a treat for myself for over eighteen months. First the car had to have a repair....start over...then dental work...start over...we needed to buy a new bed, I chipped in for that...start over...more car repairs...well you get the idea.
This past weekend, with goal achieved, Carl and I headed out to spend the hoard. He was off work on Friday so he did a "reckie" whilst I was slugging it out at the office. I looked, I pondered. I listened to sales men pontificating on the virtues of this over that.
When you wait for a long time and save your pennies the actual parting of same can be a traumatic step. Friday night came and went with no purchase. Firstly, (is that even a word?) the item was more expensive than I thought. I was hoping to have a buffer left in my account. Wait another couple of weeks was Carl's council. (not a chance) Secondly, When it came to the thought of actually parting with my savings I was wracked with doubts. Who knew spending money could be so hard? Saturday morning, I awoke with determination and back we went to the store.
Here it is all 42" of high definition loveliness. The first movie I watched was "The Duchess" with Kira Knightly. Absolutely wonderful. Both movie and the watching of same.
Totally frivolous purchase but come this winter when the snow flies I will be transported to another time and dimension. All I have to say is, nothing better go wrong with the car.
Meet Daisy, the sweetest little lady. She is the sunshine of my son Evan's lady love. This wee doggie was rescued from a basement window well after living wild for it is thought up to a year. The medics estimate she is about eleven now and believe she was in a puppy mill prior to that. Her ears are ragged from being chewed on. A timid little soul she has blossomed since moving to London. She adores Brittany and the feeling is mutual. Ernie gave me the lei on Sunday and Britt and I couldn't wait to take her picture.

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FeyRhi said...

Is it true? Are those delicate little paws actually touching the floor? I don't think I've ever seen her out of Brittany or Evan's arms.

Ok I'm guilty of carrying her around as well. For a puppy that was so abused for the majority of her life before finding B&E, she has the most gentle soul. Love the lei, that's soo cute. I hope her paws didn't get too cold.