Sunday, February 22, 2009

The winds blew.

It was a snowy Saturday. I made an emergency run to the wool shop which of course is in the northwest corner of the city. I live in the south central. OMG driving was white knuckle all the way. I was relieved to arrive home unscathed. I used the 12x zoom on my camera to capture the cardinals in the tree in the back garden. There is a park behind us...that is the Library building. anyway they were all puffed up sitting there in the snow poor wee things.


happyone said...

Nice spot of red on a snowy day!
What are you knitting?
You live that close to a library? Lucky you!!

Susan said...

I am on a finish up the UFO's kick. Last night I blocked a yellow throw and finished knitting a pink lace shawl. Next I want to get the mohair coat sewn up. My knitting is over on the other blog.
Are you on Ravelry?
Believe me I know how lucky I am to be so close to the library. I love it.