Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Thirteenth Tale, a short book review

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
Random House ISBN # 978-0-385-66285-7
408 pages

The heroine, Margaret, became my friend, a sister I never had, a loner, like me, who loves books, just like me. Margaret meets a famous author and learns a secret. Ff you are a clever reader you may just discern the answer before it dawns on her. Her curiosity, her loss, her confusion and most of all her realization of the truth is felt by the reader. The characters breath life from the very page. When you think you know it all something else comes along. Let me tell you something, the cover of the book is a clue. I very much enjoyed this experience. One of the joys of reading is placing a face to a character. This is what personalizes a novel for me. It is the advantage of age that I have met enough people I have a vast store to draw upon.

This is a story within a story. A tale of sisters lost and found, of mystery and of answers. I would recommend this book to banish the February Blahs!

I am not ready to start the next book yet I have to savour this one for a couple of days.

My rating is:

out of 10 .

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