Friday, February 20, 2009

Train Wreck TV

What can I say in my defence? It is winter in Canada? TV is pathetic? I confess, I have resorted to "Bachelor" watching. Well with score so far at 1 for a happy couple versus 11 for the rest suffering from some sort of attachment disorder. What ever happened to the studly from the UK and Fernando Lamas' grand daughter? As if that was going anywhere...snort...and then there was the Doctor, oh and the Italian."Prince".....geeze Chris almost curtsied every time he talked to the guy. I expected him to say "Your Grace" any moment.....

To the latest. The rumours are out. Google "Reality Steve : The truth" ( thank you Saundra). ABC has sunk to a new low this time. Jason, you weeny! Jillian : honey you be glad your back in Canada and let your grandmother go to northern Alberta and find you a nice Ukrainian you will be better off! ( gotta love Grandma , she was a hoot)

If this show doesn't get cancelled after this season I will be surprised. This one left a bad taste in my mouth.

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