Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I opted out of Facebook...

CTV new had an interesting report yesterday on Facebook's altering of user rights, which led me to do some investigating. Last night I tried in vain to find the terms of agreement on the Facebook home page. Finally I had to resort to good old "google" to get my answer. I was able to delete the photo albums but not any information I had posted. According to the new terms effective Feb 4th 2009. Facebook owns everything I posted in perpetuity and can use, alter, sell, whatever on and on. It gave me a creepy "Big Brother is watching" feeling so I decided to delete my page. Can't be done. I can deactivate but it is still there in cyber limbo. Identity theft is not something I worry about, I don't have anything but the whole thing made me very uncomfortable. So there you go. It was nice keeping up with my children on a daily basis, now back to emails.

President Obama is coming to Ottawa. I think most Canadians are suffering from "President Envy" or "Leader Envy." "Harvey Milquetoast", our PM, ( catch the pun) has never engendered this kind of excitement. Oh that we had a leader that put our countries needs first. I think President Obama will be the best president the states has seen in a very long time. He will do what has to be done and hopefully we will benefit in the long run. In the meantime I think we are going to be the least of his worries. Our politicians are going to find out it was not good to ride on the backs of the Americans. It's that "all your eggs in one basket" syndrome. We have tough times ahead.

I am tired of working. I am getting old and I see no chance of retirement. It is frightening. I started working part time at 16 at the "Corner Store" for 65 cents an hour ( that was minimum wage). We sold milk, cigarettes (50 cents a pack for large), bread and newspapers, stuff like that and there was a little lunch counter. Since then I have, waitress ed, pumped gas and worked in a factory, an insurance company and Bell Telephone. I have sold Tupperware, and Sarah Coventry Jewellery. I have managed a video department, arranged flowers, made quilts,and designed and taught knitting and jewellery making. I have been an owner and an employee. I have been divorced and widowed and have seen 4 children grow to adult hood. I am worn out. At least I have health care and I'm debt free, 'nuf whining..... get back to work.


Knitman said...

He is the only politician I have ever felt meant it and felt inspired by.

Knitman said...

PS I have always loved the name Myfanwy.