Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vitamin D and birthday stuff.

I must be Vitamin D deprived. Lack of sunshine and too much snow. Yesterday morning I knocked some ice of the car and when it hit the drive it shattered like glass. Sounded like it too. That happens when it is minus 15 celcius. I warned everyone in November that the bitching was about to commence. I held off with just minor complaints all winter but I am at the end of my tether.
Enough already... I am so worn out from it. Work isn't busy enough to be challenging. The days are long and frustrating. My present knitting bores me..Uh Oh I feel some startitis come in. That's when knitters get the "urge" to begin a new project. It is a sign of spring...I hope.

This Saturday we will be 12 for Montana's Cookhouse. My eldest grand daughter, Taylor, just turned 12, my eldest daughter ( her Aunt) will be THIRTY-EIGHT!!! on St David's Day ( March 1)...and... Granny (my mother) will be at the party!! The women will out number the men 9 to poor guys.
The mandatory Birthday Hat willl be worn!

"the next day"

I started this last night but just didn't get it finished. I spent the evening making customized Birthday Cards for Taylor and Corinne. So much for getting my shawl blocked. I just wasn't in to it. Carl has been out long hours this week and as I have mentioned before we are far better together than apart. I miss his company.

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