Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The art of conversation.

I was listening to the radio whilst I was driving this morning. There was interesting discussion on over worked phrases in the English language. This set me to thinking about how my use of "English" has changed over the years. Popular phrases indicate our advanced technology, "email me" would have been incomprehensible when I was a girl along with "microwave" ( as a noun and a verb). Carl is always decrying the loss of the adverb. You "do not feel bad" about such and such. You "do not feel badly." The aforementioned conversation became even more interesting when they got to the over worked phrases we hear every day. Do we really listen when someone speaks to us or are we all in such a hurry we rely on banal replies just to get on with it? Something to think about.
Here is my list, in no particular order, of phrases which grate on me:
"Have a nice day." Pleasant but banal. Totally inappropriate if you are on your way to a colonoscopy appointment. (lol) Can someone please come up with something else?
"Like" Like what like I don't know what to say next.. like....shudder
" with all due respect." ???? to whom??
" awesome" old very old
" no problem" If I thought it was a problem I wouldn't have asked whatever. A simple "your welcome" would have been much better.
"under the influence of...." Your are drunk or stoned ...Charles Dickens got paid by the word. Keep it short.
"employment is terminated" Your ass is fired
"fine" Do you know what that means: F*#@* up Insecure Neurotic & Emotionally unstable.
The next time someone says 'How are you?" Be honest. You are well, tired, upset whatever. It makes conversation so much more interesting.

Google ( now there is a new verb for you) "over worked phrases" you will be amazed at the list.

What phrase are you tired of hearing and what would you suggest as a replacement?

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