Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I am so NOT a "little old lady!"

There is a perception of age that society has to get over and I mean now. Let's face it we are outnumbering the "youth." No matter what I say I will be brushed off as "getting old" and it is insulting. I will have you know I am younger than Cher and Susan Sarandon!
Carl will use this as an excuse to say I should colour my hair again. Makes me wonder, I will admit. This little fuss all occured because of what happened to me yesterday at the grocery store.
I was shopping in one of the no frills stores. I wanted the last box of cereal on the top shelf the back...of course. There is never anyone around to help. Did I add I am barely 5"3?" A respectable height thank you. My children, have inherited the giant gene and hold conversations over the top of my head, I digress. So I chucked my purse in the basket and climbed up the front of the rack, reached into the back of the shelf and snagged the box. I was on my way back down when this young woman came around the corner of the aisle and just about had a bird. "OMG" she practically yelled. "Can I help you with that?" Too late, I am on my way back down. Then... I did it again to reach another box...they never stock these shelves....Again she comes rushing back to my rescue(?) Really I am fine, thank you. As I walked away I realized that in her eyes I was a little old lady!! My hair has more silver than last month and the "wings" are definitely white. I don't have Cher or Susan's money so I have laugh lines +. She was a very sweet girl but she was no taller than I was! Four more years and I will achieve official Senior Citizen Status, now there's a bitch slap for you.

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