Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama and Canada and the Elections

You really don't have to be able to read all the above text to get the idea. I would encourage you to go to This Magazine to be enlightened.
If you know me you will know that I have a great deal of respect for the Obama platform. I would feel a lot better if I thought that Sen. Obama would really renegotiate that joke a.k.a NAFTA but I fear that is not likely to happen. I live in hope. Ole Billy Clinton talked a lot but when it came down to it he reneged and just signed it. ..sigh..
Perhaps it is a sign of my age that I have taken more interest in the elections this time around. Or maybe it is because our lack luster mamby pamby election choices fade in comparison to the spark that is going on south of the border.
My observation of the Presidential Debate is that there was no clear winner, much to my disappointment. My dislike of McCain, the man, was reinforced. (His treatment of his wife in public is a matter of record. Mr Potty mouth.) My parents taught me that when someone speaks to you you have the decency to look at them when you reply. His obvious disdain in ignoring Sen. Obama sent up a red flag in my opinion. If you a regular reader here you will know of my take on "Why Would Anyone Want To Be President." I call it the "God complex." At the risk of offending just about everyone this is the way I see it as an outsider looking in.....
The American population regards the Office of the President with reverential god like awe..
Ergo, "johnny" wants to grow up and be president...
When he becomes president he acts as if he is answerable to no one.....
The general public throw their collective hands in the air and ask, "Who does he think he is, God?"
Ummm, duh
Back to Sen. McCain..attitude???? Fill in the blanks for yourself. I am old enough to have lived through the horror of the Vietnam war. I can not imagine, nor do I wish to, the hell that man lived through for five years. Unfortunately he has to have something else to offer the American people. Sorry buddy but your old and I am getting there. This of course brings me to..
Caribou Barbie...sigh..again. As the mother of four healthy children I can not comprehend how she has been able to manage a home for the children she has, and have a political career, now she has a wee boy who needs more stimulation and attention than the others if he is to achieve his full potential. Did you see her interview with Katie Couric? She didn't have an answer to the "bail out." She babbled about jobs and health care. She was unprepared for that interview. She could be, as the media says, " a seventy-two year old heartbeat" away from being president. She is unrepared for the "top job." Scares me.
Oh the joy of free speech. The beauty of getting out and voting gives everyone who does the right to speak out on what they think of the outcome. Unless you live in a bubble you know that what goes on south of the 49th has an effect on us. Our election will be campaigned, voted and I may add counted before the huffing and puffing is done in Americaland. I sometimes wonder what would happen if we had our election a week after the other one. Makes you think, eh?
Which brings me to the menu du jour:
Stephen Harper - mashed potatoes...boring... same old thing every day
Stephan Dion - creme brulee, Sorry Stephan but it says something when Gilles Duceppe, (The leader of the Bloc Quebecois ("vivre le Quebec libre") has a better command of English than the leader of the Liberal Party (hello Western Canada, can you relate to me?)
Jack Layton - BBQ steak (We are carnivores, we need fresh meat, even if the cholesterol will kill us)

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