Sunday, October 19, 2008

Glasses one of life's necessities

Why is it that eye glass frames are so expensive? When plastic frames first came out they were costly. They were the "designer frames" of the time. My dad worked for Canada Customs and when they were imported into Canada he saw that the value was just a few dollars for a crate of them. The consumer is still getting the shaft. I picked out these frames at Lenscrafters. Ya Ya I know they are designer but I need all the help I can get.. You would gasp if I told you the cost. But the lenses will will 50% off. Exactly.... 50% off what? I wonder if the lenses are cheaper because I am picking expensive frames or will they assume I am "flush" and jack the price.
They look really well on me and I rationalize I have to wear them every day......It is still a sin that my glasses are going to cost me almost a weeks the time we add on the PST and GST...Methinks I will look for a knock off pair.
I recently read a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, " Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

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AJ ~ said...

They're gorgeous. I wear glasses also. I have a pair I bought last year, and I think next go around I'm going to splurge. Good for you!