Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh god, not MORE politics?

I don't know about you but I am heartily sick of American politics.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse now we are going to have an election in Canada. however, we will have the campaign over with in 6 weeks the election in one day and the Americans will still be hurtling insults back and forth. It is a wonder anyone bothers to vote down there. They must be sick to death of it all.

Don't you just love the picture of Mc Cain nuzzling Bush's neck? that brings on a gag reflex in me. I am an Obama fan. I just don't think he can win. He is articulate, intelligent, knowledgeable and dignified. Somehow I just don't think the "good old boys" of American politics are ready for the "Change" that an Obama government would bring. Pity, really, the US is no longer the force in the world it once was. The war in Afganistan bankrupted the USSR. How much longer will the American people be willing to pour money and lives into a war they can't win? We thought VietNam was bad, it was nothing compared to this mess. It was wrong from day one. It would have been a lot cheaper if the CIA had just bumped off Sadam and his cronies and had done with it. Greed thy name is OIL.

So for the next 6 weeks we will have to endure insipid ads for the pathetic offering we have to pick from.

Conservative Stephen Harper: present Prime Minister, nothing exciting happening there.

Stephane Dion: (Liberal) Ooo lets have another tax. We will call this a green tax. Oh gee why not? As if we aren't being taxed to death already.

Jack Layton, Leader of the NDP. Reminds me of a little terrier chews on everybodys ankles but doesn't amount to much.

My choice for a write in???

David Suzuki, Canadian, Environmentalist, Author, Scientist and all around great guy! I just know he could clean up Parliament Hill!


FeyRhi said...

It's frightening but Jack looks like the best out of the bunch. Too bad the NDP's had their chance and F'ed up royally.

Harper looks like a serial killer. At least his government made good on a campaigne promise and lowered the GST that one whole point. (I found somthing good about the conservatives...we are all going to hell)

If someone took the stick out of Dion's ass then he would bend in half due to his lack of backbone.

Myfanwy said...

There is some truth that a terrier nipping at your ankles keeps you moving....*wink