Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting better

Yesterday I went back to work. I lasted 4 and a half hours and I couldn't sit there any longer. I came home, changed, lay down wrapped in my favourite quilt, flipped through a knitting magazine and went to sleep for 3 hours. Corinne called and I barely remember what we talked about.
Something about Chewbacca eating her mystery shawl project. No dog is "cute" enough to escape with his life if he does that. *shaking my head.
Today I actually made it until 2:30 when everything suddenly became to much to bear. My back ached along with my front and I knew enough was enough. Supper will be something easy tonight. I am not up to doing much.
This caricature..see above....reminds me of my Nana..lolol I think its the blue suit and pearls as much as the little mouth. Mind you Nana would NEVER take her teeth out. Scroll down a couple of posts and see Nana.
I am on row 109 of the Queen Anne Lace you will have to go over HERE to see a picture.
Corinne lent me some new books to read. I have started the "Darkfever" by Karen Marie Moning. It is very fae. Go look it up. My Uncle Josh was "fae." He was born with the "veil" over his face. Actually the amniotic sac but it was believed to be a sign. He was my mother's Uncle. An articulate wee man who kept a daily journal. I wonder what happened to them? They would make marvelous reading. I remember my Aunti Kate saying that she read them after he passed away and it was like having him in the room.....sigh
He died when I was expecting Corinne. That was in 1970. He and Aunti Kate eloped. I used to have a beautiful sepia picture of the two of them taken at someone else's wedding. She passed it of as her wedding picture. She was the favoured younger daughter. I think it was around WWI. What a family scandal!!! Pretty tame by today's standards.

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