Saturday, March 24, 2007


I have been surfing and looking in magazines for a new hairstyle. I have an appointment at 1 pm this afternoon. Yes, I am going blond again. I like it better than what I have now. This browny thing with black and grey roots I look like my Shih Tzu.
Firstly: Are there no hairstyles for those of us who wish to be , perish the thought, "well groomed?" Further more I am older than 30, I am NOT anorexic, I have character and experience lines in my face. I am not a perky 18 yr old! Susan Sarandon send your hairdresser to London!! I would like to be able to see out of both of my eyes at the same time. Foolish of me, I know, but I have never seen bangs so ridiculous. Thinning shears should be banned. I hate the things. I have thick hair and the first thing the hair dresser wants to do is to "thin" it out. As a result of the last butcher job I have 9 million different ends and a thin spot on the side of my head. Pisses me off.
So I am trying another hair dresser. I am so frustrated. Everytime it gets to be this length I end up getting it cut. I need the sides shortened and the top but I would like to keep the length. I wonder if she can understand that. grrr

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