Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Yesterday it was 22.

So what does that mean to you? Well, to me it meant warmth. I have been cold all winter and will be glad to see the spring. I have discovered an unfortunate aspect to my new job. I used to be on my feet at work all the time suddenly 2 months of sitting behind a desk adds up to INACTIVITY, LACK OF EXERCISE AND AN "OH MY GOD I AM NOT GOING TO FIT INTO MY SPRING CLOTHES.'
Now doesn't that just suck? Good bye bread.....sob...Good bye wine...sniff....Hello veggies..lots and lots of veggies....I am even thinking of "Curves", just thinking mind. Lets not get too extreme..

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FeyRhi said...

Good bye Wine!? Whoa let's not take this to the extream. If you are interested I pickedup a copy of the "Curves" cookbook/informtaion at Chapters. it was in the bargin area for a steal. Don't invest any money until I send this to you, it tells ou everythnig you need to know.