Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick was a Welshman!

St. Patrick, as a young man, was kidnapped from the shores of Wales and taken to Ireland as a slave.. He escaped many years later to arrive back home to discover Christianity through the teachings of St. David. He returned to Ireland as a missionary. The story of him driving the snakes out of Ireland was a euphemism for satan.. Snakes you get it??
So there is my history in a bottle.
Can't believe I haven't blogged all week I have been knitting and knitting and knitting. I am going to cast off the collar and sew the thing up on the way to Kincardine. We leave in about an hour.
Us big girls are going to the spa for pedicures.......mmmmmm
Green supper tonight with the children and the grand daughters..... I am looking forward to the weekend away...
For heavens sake do not drink green beer...It is an American thing and just not right!..shudder
By the By got another raise at work, he said OK that's it for 10 years!!! ...lololololol

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