Saturday, March 24, 2007


The final episode of Rome 2 will be on HBO on Sunday night. Or for those of us in Canada you can get in on Rogers On Demand for free on Tuesday night..This has been an excellent series and their web site is awesome. The attention to detail is amazing. They have taken some liberties with historical fact but only in the personal lives of the characters. You just have to love hating "Atia of the Julii" but feeling sorry for her as well...Anthony you dog! and Titus Pullo, well that is a man. Totally with out mercy to his enemy but totally besotted with his wife. Sigh. I shall be sorry to see the series end. I thought Rome 1 was good but they certainly did not drop the ball with the follow up. I can only hope there will be a "3". If you enjoy ancient history believe me you will appreciate it more!! Not to be watched by the faint of heart. Rome was a violent society and it can be very brutal. If youwould like to go to the web site click on the link above and read up on Roman Society it is easier to understand their thinking. Remember, they did not have the Judeao-Christian morality guidelines that we have grown up with. It was a very different time.

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