Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday morning coffee and.......

Well, so much for my porcelain dolls. Not even a nibble email and now I am on page "god only knows what." Kijiji is free so what can you expect?

We have been so busy at work, there is nothing like a little snow to stress out "old" furnaces. It isn't often that I bring home work form the office but I have this weekend. It shouldn't take me long to finish up with out the phone ringing every 2 minutes. This week they are hoping ( me too) to insulate the exterior wall in my office and paint. I hope so I spend 40 hours a week in there it would be nice to see the place brightened up and warm. I feel like the shoemaker's kids. If I have to explain that to you then I am

On the knitting front, pop over here. I am on a dyeing kick right now and the bathroom looks like a bazzar with hanks of dripping wool hanging from the shower

Carl is playing a Roy Orbison video, Black and White Night. Incredible music, that man could write the sweetest music and lyrics. He performed other music as well. The first audio clip Carl ever sent me after we first met was "Evergreen."
Black and White Night has everything and everybody in it. What a concert. Still don't know who he is? You have heard of "Pretty Woman" and "Only the Lonely?"


happyone said...

One of the greats.
A beautiful song!!

Susan said...

Yes, it is a sweet song isn't it.