Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prices at Hakim & Lenscrafters

O.K. here's the poop:

Lenscrafters has a "special" buy your frames and get your lenses at half price.

Hold onto your wallet! Here in London the price of the lenses, non glare, scratch resistant, progressive bifocal, $235.00 (reg $470.00!!!!!!!) PLUS the price of the frames. If you want them to be photo sensitive it is more. The glasses I liked would have cost me $564.00......gag Oh and if your lenses have a coating don't expect to have them in an hour. They have to send them out. It will be 10 days

Hakim advertises 2 pair of glasses starting at $199.00. Yeah right

Do the math $199.00 plus $50 for non glare coating plus $50 because they were rimless on the bottom plus $75 (if you want one to be sunglasses)plus $50 because the sunglasses pair had some crystals on the template, which by the way they will not stand behind if the crystals fallout, she said I would have to go to some amorphous jeweller who had moved she didn't know where... Are you adding? Then there was $90 I think that was for the plastic lenses. AND then the optician said I should have some other kind of lens because they were rimless on the bottom and they might chip????? add another you guessed it $50. BUT I could go online at home and print out a coupon for $40 and bring it back in.

I went to two other places and was about ready to slit my wrists with my old lenses.

Finally yesterday I went to a small family owned dispensing optician. Found a pair of stunning frames in 5 minutes. Was given the price upfront no razzmatazz. Glasses will be ready in 10 days! Support small independent businesses!

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