Monday, November 10, 2008

How do you blog a scream?

What a day!!! It seems I saved up all my stupids and had a party of one. I am exhausted. My efficiency rating is in the toilet. My weight is up instead of down. They are renovating the unit next door--hammer hammer bang bang --all frikin' day. One of the financial companies I deal with has a new online proceedure. What should have taken 10, 15 min tops I spent all afternoon
TRYING TO FIGURE OUT. Four phone calls later to get a human and I discover they are struggling as well.
AND to the idiot who kept calling my phone line with a fax machine ...go!'s enough to make you drink!
On the up side....
I found a pair of eye glasses that make me happy. God knows I needed a "happy" today. They were half way between what I wanted to spend and the Versace ones previously posted. Still the cheapest ones I could find that I can live with 24/7, or as I heard it refered to lately "31" ( you know 24+7 = 31...?) went to the grocery store....gag. Came home made a cup of tea and opened the wrong end of the arrowroot cookie box. Some days you just can't win.

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