Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Relying on my genes....

Since I moved to London I have been using, in a slap dash manner, products from Premier Spa.

This is one of these open concept businesses in the White Oaks Mall. They jump out and nab you as you walk past. The first product I bought was the dead sea salt hand wash. OMG it is wonderful. Then I got a free (yeah called a "hook") facial and I spent too much money on skin care products. I have been blessed with good bones and good genes that have given me a lazy approach to skin care. Let's face it we live in a "beautiful" society and expectations are high for every woman. Actually I took better care of my skin when I was 30 than I do at 60. That has allowed me to become very blase. Until this past Saturday. There I was walking through the mall when I made the wrong turn and before me stepped this incredibly good looking man..... smooth talker.....I have children that age. He proceeds to tell me about the latest "biox"product. The next thing you know I am perched on a high stool and he is spreading cream on my face. Sigh. Then he leans in confidentially, after he has recoiled in horror when I say I only use moisturizer and water on my face, to tell me if I am not careful I will end up with "turkey neck!"

This is marketing?? Turkey Neck?? Are there any two words in the world that can horrify a woman more? Scare tactics! He should be ashamed. OK OK I bought the cream. Vanity, vanity!

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