Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Woe to the lowly penny!

There will be a members bill introduced in Parliament today to eradicate the penny. The price of copper has risen such that the wee coin now costs 4 cents to produce. Well, hello, look what they did to the nickel? Once upon a time that coin was worth it's face value. Ha. The nickel has a 2% nickel coating now. I am old enough to remember when quarters were made of silver. So, here is my solution; devalue the nickle and inflate the penny. Switch coins! Problem solved. Timmies gets all the pennies now that a medium steeped tea and a muffin $2.23 anyway. If the penny goes what are we going to put in the vase of tulips to keep them bright and cheery? I will listen to CBC on the radio this after noon and fill you in on the results of the vote.

The weather man sucked me in again. It is going to be 14 on Wednesday, he lied. (maybe next week?) So I exposed my legs to the sunshine (almost). Yes, I am wearing a skirt to work. However, being not entirely stupid I have my limbs encased, I might add, in a cosy pair of tights. But still this is a departure for me. Even old broads get a case of girly-girl-itis.

The hairdresser is whining. She wants to dye my hair again. She wants to charge me $120.00 more like!! I said no leave it alone. "But the roots are showing," she howled. Yes, that is true but I am the one living with it.

I asked for next week off work. I am not going anywhere. I just need some down time. The "wall" is about a hands breadth away from my face. My last relaxing week off was the summer of 2005. I did have a week in October of 2006 to recover from gall bladder surgery. Now that was a party!..Not! So it is time. I will knit and read and putter, go see my Mummy and maybe my children. Day trips mostly with naps in between. If I don't get some time now we will be so busy I won't be able to get out of the office until November. I will be petrol poor by the end of the week.

I have discovered some wonderful "pod casts." The newest is Stephen Fry, that wonderful British actor/writer/and all around nice guy. He of "Wooster and Jeeves" fame, he was "Jeeves" and Hugh Laurie ( now of "Doctor" fame) was Wooster. PG Woodhouse at the best. Great stuff.

Very witty. But I digress as usual. Stephen has done 2 podcasts and I really enjoy his expressive vocabulary. I refer you to Stephen Fry dot com to read, if you do not pod, his blessays and podgrams.

Knitting natter will be found on the "other" blog Lots of new things going on over there.

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