Sunday, April 27, 2008

There is Gypsy in my Soul

This is the weekend when we used to open the trailer for the summer. For 10 plus years I lived in a natural conservation park from the last Saturday in April until Canadian Thanksgiving in October AND commuted 5 days a week to work. The trailer had all the luxuries of home, don't get me wrong...oops other than the laundry and emptying the septic tank once a week. But that is exactly what I am getting at. I loved living like a gypsy. When possible I spent most of my time outside, spinning under a tree, knitting by a campfire, reading in a swing and wandering through the woods. It was glorious and I will always miss it.

When Julia was a year old my husband and I camped in a tiny tent trailer ( and I mean tiny) with 3 children all under 6yrs old for 8 weeks. No running water or electricity. It was the best time of my life.

I live for colour, dangling earrings and flashy skirts. I dance when no one is looking. I love to tell stories on the spur of the moment. Once upon a time my hair was black and my eyes a brighter blue. When I was a teenager and would go to see my Auntie Kate ( My Mother's Aunt) she would look at my bright clothes and all my jewelry and say, "Oh you Gippo you."
My theory about travel is,"If your going away make it worth while." I have been back to Wales on vacations never less than 4 weeks at a time. Moving all the time from place to place. You have to love the "Bed and Breakfast"concept. One holiday of a 6 week duration found me in Scotland, Ireland, Wales ( of course) and then onto Europe, through Belgium, France, Germany, Italy all the way to the Isle of Capri. ......sigh
Now, I live with memories of those wonderful days...... Wistful at times. Ever thankful of the opportunities I have had to travel. I knew that one day I would want to relive those moments. Now I can close my eyes and feel myself back in any given place because when I was there, and this may sound silly, (but it worked) , I would stand with my eyes closed and whisper to my self," Remember, be a sponge, let this moment soak into me." Right now I can remember the heat of the sun on the column at Pompeii, the musty smell from the stones of the Chester Cathedral, and the taste of the salt in the breeze on Capri.
revel in the moment.........

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