Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Hot House Dog and the Geriatic Cat

Today was my first relaxing Sunday afternoon on the patio. The robins and the cardinals are singing their little hearts out. I saw "Our" robin sitting on her nest, now competed, over our porch light fixture. I went to the library and got Kathy Riech's book 'Bare Bones" on CD...hence the laptop...knitting, glass of wine...recipe for a perfect afternoon.

Ebony made an appearance for a while, laying in the sun. "Chloe you had better let me back in if you know what is good for you!"

Meanwhile , Chloe laid in the open door way. she did not want to come out until I coaxed her out with some "Snausages" See the "ghost' beside her?

Believe me, that unnerved me when I downloaded the picture, there is no rational explanation for that. This was taken right after she let Ebony in the house.

Just waiting for the week of May 4Th, that is when they take away all the yard clearings. Darling Daughter Julia, cleaned up this amount of yard work for me. I get to laze about in the sun on my day off now!!
My sweet man is off to the "dark side" ......"Quebec".... on a trip. He won't be home until early Tues morning. He left me with the admonition to "be safe" and lock all the doors and windows tonight. That comes of watching "Law and Order' all the time!

Next Friday my DD ( darling daughters) and I will be going to the Creative Festival in Toronto. It boggles the mind to think there are people who will be taking "special" flights to Toronto for this. It is like Niagara Falls. We go there when we are bored..lolol I am sure there are people who would be horrified by that comment!

I am on "Quest" to find the "right" colour of a wool I need to finish "Granny Ann's" B-day present!!!!

I have had an e mail from my brother, our Mum, (aka "Granny Ann) has fractures of the ribs and veritbrae. She will be 83 in May. She went to Yoga without a Dr's OK. "Lift your right leg and place if over your left and let your knee touch the floor" makes me gasp just thinking about it. As my baby brother put it...She doesn't think she is "old" so the warning didn't apply to she is depressed she has osteoporosis. This woman has kept the Dairy Industy viable in Canada, in recored memory!
* Expell breath*
I will call her tonight.

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