Saturday, April 26, 2008

Appreciation is sooooo nice.

My bosses wife came into the office on Wednesday with these flowers. For me!!! Just to say "thank you" I was very touched.
I took Friday off work to go to the Creative festival in Toronto with the darling daughters.
Today we went to see my poor little Mummy. She is back in her house and she didn't look well when I saw her. she was, as she would put it, "all out of puff," (short of breath) trying to tidy up before we came....sheesh.... We stayed about 4 hours and had a really nice visit. On the way home we stopped at Sears and bought a new bed! On sale! sweet! 50% off! ..... even then it was a brutal price. I had no idea that they don't keep beds in the warehouse any more. Our bed will be made in ETOBICOKE on MONDAY. Delivery next Sat. We are going to rearrange the room too.

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