Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok This IS It.

to me. Happy Birthday to me.....gag...oops sorry

According to my mother, who just turned 82, sixty is the new forty. Really? I had no trouble with 30 and whats the fuss about 40 and 50 well I was just glad to leave the 40's behind, lots of no fun stuff happened then. Damn then 60 caught up to me and smacked me "right upside my head." Sigh..... My daughter says," If you don't like the number then change it."

I just opened a card from my girl friend that says,"Growing older is inevitable...Growing up is optional."...lolol

So I am off to work and I will probably have to fire the book keeper today (long story). I am feeling better already.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Advertising 1947

After my self imposed ban on advertising, I got to thinking and decided to exercise my prerogative and change my mind. Welcome to 1947. My how times have changed.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where were you?

As a momentous birthday looms on the horizon I began to think of all the things that have happened in my life time.

The construction of the Berlin Wall.....Mr Robertson, my grade 8 teacher and principal at Mather School in Fort Erie, drew a map of Berlin on the slate board and tried to explain to us the thinking behind that stupidity.

First manned rocket launch....I was in Grade 9 math class. The teacher brought in a TV set.

When Kennedy was shot.........changing into "purple bloomer jumpsuit" (shudder) for gym class, we were listening to a forbidden transistor radio. The rich girl in the class was showing off.

The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night....watching TV with my family in the living room.

Lee Harvey Oswald being shot by Jack Ruby.....walking into my Auntie Kate's house.

Bobby Kennedy being shot...I was watching TV while I babysat.

Martin Luther King died.....riding in the car to Fort Erie, my brother was car sick.

Viet Nam War.. all through high school.

Watergate: the movie... I was expecting Julia...Time magazine covered the movie the week she was born. (Dustin Hoffman was a baby face)

First man on the moon......gathered around the TV with my family, in the living room, eating birthday cake, it was my brother David's 14th birthday.

Massacre at the Berlin Olympics.....folding laundry and ironing in front of the TV

September 11, 2001...Ironing a shirt in front of the TV, (see a pattern here?)

Did you notice:

We had black slate boards, with white chalk in our classroom in Grade 8
We HAD to wear gym argument
The class room did not have a TV
Transistor Radios were a luxury (what's a transistor radio you ask?)
We lived in our "living" rooms were called "rumpus
rooms" and were in the gloomy basement
What's a computer?
We actually did ironing......

Oh shit I am getting old!

This Is As Close As I Will Get!

Get a load of this will you? I offered to come along and hold the door of the Limo but no way. Oh well this is as close as I will get.
Rod Stewart came with a list of rules:
No food smells...No smoking smells....No smoking.....No pictures....No autographs.....Only 2 brands of bottled water are to be room temperature.....and...proper english must be spoken.
The limo driver still got to stand backstage and watch all the excitement.
The week before it was Billy Joel. He was a lot more down to earth.

First Impressions are Best

I think this is a better reflection of me than my previous posting. These are all the "first impression choices" I made before I thought about and then changed them. See the differences?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Golden Compass


About the time the first Harry Potter book came out I also heard about this trilogy. Of course with all the Potter hype a lot of people missed out on The Golden Compass. Called "Northern Lights in the UK
This is far and away better than Harry Potter who frankly, in my opinion has become boring and predictable. What happened to the fun and mystery of his "magic?" Now everything is full of death and evil. Anyway I digress. There is a lot of mystery, excitement, beautiful bad people, talking bears , witches who save the day and lots of just darn right facination in the Golden Compass . The story line is a lot more complicated and there twist at the end . I just saw a trailer for the Golden Compass movie which comes out in December 2007. (Click on the link to go to the web page). The story centers around Lyra a little girl who lives in a parallel universe to ours.
With wonderful words that roll off your tongue like "a-lee-thee-om-iter" ( that's the Golden Compass) and one of the characters I really like is Serefina Peccula; well it is a magical book what more can I say. In Lyra's world everyone's soul lives outside their body in the form of an animal. Apparently my "daemon" will continue to change for 12 days before it finally settles. It started out as a mouse. *BG

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do Faeries Live At The Bottom OF Your Garden?

If you have an ounce of mystery and romance in your soul you have to believe in faeries! Of course they live at the bottom of the garden or in the vernacular, the back yard. They reside under trees and in that dimension we haven't quite permeated.
Those of course are the urban faeries. Now, rural faeries they live in places like Rockwood, in the undisturbed portions of natures wood and rocks.
An interesting article surfaced recently that has had a good number of people in a tizzy. A man in Derbyshire England claimed to have found the mummified body of a faerie.
Why must we see to believe? Have we become so cynical that there is no more magic left in the world?
What Dan discovered, and I will let you read the whole article, is that regardless what people are told they will believe what they want. So I guess there is still magic in the world. Faeries still live at the bottom of the garden and definitely at Rockwood. How do I know? I just know. So there!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sick day

Guess who is happy I have taken a day off?
Miss Chloe enjoyed being out on the patio with me for a couple of hours this afternoon
It was very relaxing and I enjoyed listening to my "book on tape" and even indulged in a "little wine for my stomachs sake" while I knit on some socks for my Mummy. At least it was very restful until the obsessive maniac nexk door felt obliged to mow his grass...again.. If he would stop fertilizing the damn thing he wouldn't have to cut it so often. He shattered my reverie and drowned out my tape machine..grrr. while he was doing that I wandered around with my camera and snapped these pics.
These little blue bells are peeking out underneath the old wheelbarrow. The rest of the garden is au natural until we pass the 24th of May and we can expect no more frost at night. Then and just then I may put in some tomatoes and snow peas. Which means of course I am going to have to move the old wheelbarrow and disturb natures garden.
Then as if the noise wasn't bad enough it started to sprinkle with rain and I had to abandon
My comfy spot and take Chloe inside and then dash to gather up all my "accouterments" before the deluge. Check out the beaded slippers! I have them in six different colours..lololol

BArk BaRk BarK

I went to the clinic. I do not have allergies. I have a virus and a bacterial infection in...both.. my eyes and my windpipe is inflamed. I came home from work at 1pm yesterday. I just could not stay any longer. Last night I was up half the night with stomach cramps from coughing. Now I have coughed myself into,"that word I can't spell that means you have no voice," even spell check can't spell it... Needless to say I am not going to work today.
It is going to be 25 degrees today and I am going to nap on the chaise lounge on the patio.

I have to get rid of some of my knitting and beading magazines and books. I have so many it is ridiculous. There are some I will keep but the majority have to go. It is part of my downsizing program. I have to get back on track.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Allergies ???

What on earth is going on? Here I thought perhaps I had another cold. My throat is sore, I bark like a seal and my right eye is running. Most annoying. I was having a chat with a friend of mine and she says that she is allergic to trees. Trees! OMG how terrible is that. This morning I was at a "Bead and Breakfast" at the Bead shop where I used to work and the girls are all saying this is the worse spring for allergies. Perhaps this is not a cold after all. What a terrible nuisance!
So I ask you ...see to the left... is this the stance we must take all allergy season?...lololol
As you may have noticed I just love pictures. This is one is priceless and epitomizes the way I am feeling right now.

Carl is on his way home. He has just driven Billy Joel's band to the John Labbat Center for a performance tonight. Ron got to drive Billy Joel. Carl will have to go back this evening and pick the band members up after the performance and take them back to their hotel...sigh... it would have been nice if we could have gotten a pass to the performance. I would have enjoyed that. One of these days.. We live in hope

Friday, May 04, 2007

Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May.......

It must be the prospect of a day off tomorrow that has me almost giddy with delight. I am so worn out lately. May has finally arrived. I have noticed that the sky is now light at 6 o clock in the morning. There is nothing worse than getting up in the dark....
Last night I stubbed my baby it looks like a grape. You know that pain that goes right to your heart and all the nerve endings in your body stop what they are doing and focus directly on the wounded member?? Close but worse. It is a well known fact that entering and exiting a room is best done by walking through the middle of the doorway. Find yourself off set just a trifle and as you take a step forward you will find a connection will be made between the door jam and your foot. Contrary to popular belief you can not knock your toe off your foot, I would discourage this approach.....shaking my head...... The toe is still there. Now it feels like another foot sticking out to the side.

This has precipitated me wearing my little beaded slippers to work. They are so pretty and they are the only thing I can wear that will not cause me to be reminded every blessed second that the damn thing hurts...sheesh